Testimonial for Touch Typing Tutor

Good day!

The Indigenous People as we know are found in a small community. Full of traditions, has strong beliefs in the culture, and their access to innovation and development are limited. Some Indigenous People families are satisfied with their lives in the farm, while some of them are thankful for every rights and benefits they get in their community.

As an Indigenous People, the instruments we use in order to meet the requirements of this modern world are limited. And our knowledge to computers and high tech devices are low. Thus, the challenge for us Indigenous Peoples is to engage to all available chances that will teach and help us improve our learning skills. Moreover, the typing program you have started was a huge step in order for the Indigenous Peoples to have a background about the modern technology that meets the need to acquire online information’s and digitized documents.

Along with my 3 siblings, the program taught us the proper and basic typing that we have not learned in the schools and other educational establishments in our community.

The program was an App installed in a Cherry Mobile Tablet sponsored by the Cherry Mobile Company. It is a series of “Easy to Moderate to Difficult” typing exercises and the purpose is to properly use the keyboard while typing different letters or words. At first, it was a bit confusing and tricky for my siblings and me, but for some time, we managed to type the given words accordingly.

The typing program is simple yet entertaining to use, especially for the young ones since it will test the memory and capable of typing the words fast while following the instructions of placing our thumbs to the space bar of the keyboard only. It is also an informative yet tricky tool at some point. But, for me, my overall assessment for the program is, it will definitely help the young learners, especially the Indigenous Peoples, know the first basic steps to comply all modernized data and documents for the competitive work places and schools nowadays.

However, I think the application needs more development to make it look “catchy” for its target audience. Also, I think it also needs additional exercises so that the users will not forget the proper and basic steps of typing in the computer which, obviously, the goal of the program.

This opportunity of learning the basics in typing will teach many Indigenous Peoples, especially in the community where I belong (Aborlan, Palawan) for I have witnessed the learning environment and facilities there.

The program will serve as an instructional manual for the young Indigenous Peoples in order for them to meet the need to acquire online information’s and digitized documents for their own responsibility areas. Also it will help them boost their confidence in their everyday lives.

More power and God bless! 🙂

Iris Banua from Aborlan, Palawan